Cancer Prevention

Conventional medicine is addressing cancer as an organ disease, in other words, when they give a diagnosis to a patient, it’s usually, you have a breast cancer or you have a prostate cancer, etcetera. Holistic medicine looks at cancer from a totally different point of view. Cancer is a systemic disease that happens in a certain organ.
The difference between these two points of views is very important because the way conventional medicine is looking at cancer is totally different than the way holistic medicine looks at cancer. If cancer is an organ disease, then we can remove the organ, we can remove the breast, we can remove the prostate, we cannot remover the liver but we can remove part of it. In other words, get the organ out, and if surgically it looks like the tumor was removed, the patient gets the news that, you are cured, obviously, depending on the staging of the organ disease, many times the patient is being told they need radiation therapy and chemotherapy on top of the surgery or instead of the surgery, if according to conventional medicine the cancer is “not operable” this type of approach completely negates or ignores the fact that all of us have cancer cells in our bodies every day of our lives.
So, if you look at this logically or from the point of view of holistic medicine, clinical cancer appears after most likely years have passed, where the new system was unable to identify the cancer cells and remove them. Once that happens, now we are faced with clinically evident cancer, with symptoms and life-threatening situation. According to conventional medicine, nutrition has nothing to do with cancer progression, prevention or cure. Lifestyle has nothing to do with it, toxicity has nothing to do with it and obviously emotion and stress have nothing to do with it. Therefore, patients who go to conventional medicine to treat their cancer are missing a big part of the picture and they are sabotaging their ability to heal completely.
According to holistic medicine, cancer is a multi-factorial disease, it depends on nutrition, lifestyle, detoxification, hormone balancing, energy availability, stress and emotional state. Therefore, unless we address all the items that I mentioned before, the likelihood of healing from cancer and prevention of cancer is quite remote. Let’s start with the fact that cancer is anaerobic, meaning it derives its energy not from oxidation, in other words, combining oxygen and carbon and thereby making “energy units” ATP which the body uses obviously to function. Cancer on the other hand uses fermentation which is anaerobic process that is able to create only 6 units of ATP per carbon molecule versus 36 units of ATP per carbon molecule in case of aerobic oxidation (“breathing air and using the oxygen to derive energy”)
Another important difference between cancer cells and regular cells is the fact that cancer cells can only metabolize sugar, whereas normal healthy cells can metabolize sugar, mineral acids and fatty acids. That is one of the reasons where in advanced cases of cancer, they should lose weight because since the energy making process in cancer cells is so much less effective, “a lot of material” is needed for it to survive and for it to proliferate. Once the cancer gets to an advanced state, it will actually make “the body convert muscle into sugar in other to feed the cancer cells”. Obviously, the lesson from the above statement is very, very clear, the more sugar we consume, the more fuel we give to the cancer, so one of the ways to prevent cancer is by eliminating sugar from our diet. Also, once diagnostic cancer is made, we definitely have to take sugar completely out of our diet. In fact, one of the best modalities to “start off the cancer” would be adopting a ketogenic lifestyle or ketogenic diet, which is based on mainly fat consumption. In fact, the ketogenic diet calls for 75% of calories per day, being delivered from fats, 25% from protein and 5% from carbs, which is to say that, the allowed carbs are mainly salads and berries. When we cut down the carbs consumption to only 5% of the daily calorie need, the body will consume any sugar reserves that it has, in form of glycogen, in about 2 weeks, after that it will convert to burning fats into fatty acids and then into ketones, ketones then can be “burned” by every cell in the body, including the brain and thereby deriving energy. The only cells that cannot metabolize ketones for energy are cancer cells.
So, common sense dictates to us that in other for us to cure cancer and/or prevent cancer, we definitely should consider ketogenic lifestyle.

Hormone balance
Life and especially healthy life needs energy, the energy depends on what we eat, how we digest, how we assimilate and how we burn. The burning rates depends on two main hormones, one comes from the Thyroid in the form of T3 and T4 and the other one is coming from the Adrenal gland, the stress gland, mainly in the form of cortisol and of course other hormones which are important for other aspects of our metabolic rate.
Considering the fact that a lot of people are complaining of lack of energy, mainly because of under-active thyroid and under-active adrenal gland. When energy supply is down, all the systems of our body are going to experience shortage of energy, including the immune system. It is not difficult to understand that when the immune system does not have the amount of energy it needs, to protect ourselves, to identify cancer cells, to remove them, obviously the possibility of being diagnosed with clinical cancer is much higher.

It is well known that pollution has increased over the last 100 years many fold, the fact that we have now, over 100,000 chemicals in the environment is definitely contributing to inability and disruption of cellular functions and systems inefficiency especially the immune system. The body has five (5) elimination channels which are designed to take out the toxicity that we are exposed to, but also the by-products of metabolic rates. Those channels are the liver, the gut, the kidneys, the lungs and the skin. Obviously the largest of them is the skin and the liver and of course the kidneys are very important in elimination. The issue is that, for many of us, the elimination rate does not remove all the toxicity which is being created or exposed to on a daily basis. In other to address toxicity, there are a few simple ways, one of which is getting into an infrared sonar, as often as we can, in other to sweat those toxicities out of the system. If we are able to sit in a sonar for about 40 minutes at a temperature of 130 – 140, the sweat that we are making will eliminate a lot of chemical toxicity, that will invigorate our system across the board, especially the immune system. Also the infrared radiation is considered “a friendly radiation”, it penetrates deep into our body, cancer cells are heat sensitive and therefore are destroyed by heat and the toxins that are removed from our system will enable the body to function much more effectively and therefore eliminate cancer cells and stay healthy.
The other major organ of detoxification is the liver, the best way to detoxify the liver is using Coffee Enema. Coffee Enema is not used in order to address constipation, even though it can, the main purpose of coffee enema is help the liver “dump its toxicity into the gut” the coffee needs to be organic and the retention time should be about 15 minutes. It seems that the palmitic acid in the organic caffeinated coffee is one of the main substances that actually “opens the gate and allows the liver to detoxify”.

Stress is one of the major contributors to carb disease and stress. Even the NIH (National Institute of Health) states that 80% of our physical manifestation is due to stress. I encourage all my patients to do daily de-stress exercise and use various modalities to release their stress. Some of these modalities can be yoga, meditation, tai chi, chi gung, just taking time for yourself without cellphones, texting, engaging in any activity to puts a smile on your face, just for 45 minutes towards the end of the day will do a lot in other to release the stress and allow you to recycle and get ready for the next day.
Our bodies and our stress response are very resilient, if we routinely release the stresses that we have on a daily basis, the problem starts if these stress are not being released and we have a continuous stressful situation. That decreases the effectiveness of the immune system and thereby allows cancer cells to escape detection and destruction.

I tell all my patients that cancer is a lesson. When I say that to them, I see that their reaction is usually quiet but very significant they just nod their head in acknowledgement. So, when I ask them, what is your lesson? They usually say, I need to take care of myself. A lot of us tend to take care of everybody else, whether it be spouses, children, extended families, parents, friends, community, but when it comes to us, we really find out that we don’t have time for ourselves. Cancer is one of the ways that the body is sending a message to us, telling us, if we don’t change our ways, then the body is over, meaning we die.
The notion that cancer is non-curable or needs to go through radiation, chemotherapy in order to survive is totally wrong. We need to go back to understanding that the body is an incredible design that when given the necessary foundations for good health, it can absolutely heal itself.
I routinely recommend to my patients to read few books that will enlighten them as to the ability of the body to do miraculous things. One of the books I recommend is, Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani, another good book I recommend to my patients because it also teaches them tools that can help them with making different choices and therefore getting different results, that book is called, Being You, Changing the world by Doctor Dain Heer.