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At Rejuvenate Health, we offer essential modern medical care, and complementary medicine, in order to promote health and wellness. Our patient’s well-being is our only priority. To that end, we use an integrative holistic approach to your health care and focus on each patient’s unique needs, including the needs of their body, their mind, and their spirit.  We operate under the belief that a patient is more than a collection of symptoms. Our approach is mindful, holistic and complete. Each patient benefits from personalized treatment modalities designed to help restore him or her to total life health.  Dr. Dekel and Dr. Morris respond to the growing public interest in alternative, holistic, and natural remedies. Our nontraditional therapy options enable Rejuvenate Health to look beyond the boundaries of conventional medicine, without sacrificing any of the benefits of cutting-edge medical care. Furthermore, as a partner in the Hilton Head community, we are also able to provide our patients with access to luminaries in nearly every medical discipline. Why Integrative Medicine Science is always growing and learning. Studies in recent years have proven theories dating back decades. Integrative medical care promotes patient well-being and also reduces pain, insomnia, fatigue, and lethargy. It improves mood and relaxation and helps to mitigate the risk of chronic conditions flaring up. At the Rejuvenate Health Medical Facility, we aren’t choosing alternative medicine over conventional medicine. We are taking the best of both worlds and offering it to our patients. Some of our available clinical services include:

• Thermography – • Hormone Replacement Therapy – • Chiropractic Care – • Nutritional Care – • Diabetes Care – • Metabolic Care – At Rejuvenate Health, we use an evidence-based approach to patient care – but without excluding the possibilities of complementary medicine. Our approach has been found effective at pain reduction, stress, and anxiety relief, and promoting the vitality and self-healing ability of the patients in our care. Living your life to the fullest requires the fullest understanding of your body, mind, and spirit. Here at Rejuvenate Health, we help you do just that – by offering the best of conventional and complementary medicine. We’ll help you find what works.